Lynnwood Link will bring one new station to Lynnwood. Read below to see the current design for this stations and learn about changes to the design of nearby streets and bike trails.

Current station design

Lynnwood City Center Station

Lynnwood City Center Station Art

Artist: Claudia Fitch
Title: “City Hummingbird,” “Shift” (relocation of existing artwork)
Themes:Wildlife, city history, historic architecture, domestic objects
Intent: Celebrating the historic forms of highway signs while emphasizing the station entrances

What’s been updated?

Cost-saving update

Changes to the Lynnwood Station design since our last online and in-person open house series stem from recent efforts by Sound Transit to find cost efficiencies. They include:

  • Improving rider access to the station platform
  • Optimizing garage layout

Want to take a closer look? Check out the project roll plots!

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Discover what's in store for Lynnwood

A new light rail line means more than building trains and rails. It also means restoring or creating new pedestrian and bicycle connections, as well as other improvements throughout the corridor. Below are a sample of these improvements in this area.

LEED certification for Lynnwood City Center Station

Sound Transit registered Lynnwood Station for LEED certification in March 2018. Registration is the first of many steps required for certification. Logging and reviewing of project information throughout design and construction may result in enough LEED points for a Silver rating.

Trail upgrades

Sound Transit will upgrade the Scriber Creek Trail to a multiuse path for bikes and pedestrians and move it to a more upland location to help protect the trail from frequent flooding. We will also align the multiuse path to connect to the Interurban Trail at the ramp to the bridge over 44th Avenue West.

Lynnwood roadway improvements

As part of traffic mitigation in and around the Lynnwood City Center Station, the project will implement the following roadway improvements:

  • New east-west 202nd Street
  • Right in/Right out from garage onto 44th Avenue West
  • 46th Avenue West is no longer only for high-occupancy vehicles
  • Widening of 200th Street Southwest, with improved intersections at 44th Avenue West, 46th Avenue West and 48th Avenue W
  • Garage access road on 48th Avenue West extension around the south end of the site