The Lynnwood Link Extension is a key part of Sound Transit’s mass transit system expansion approved by voters. Targeted for operation in 2024, four new stations and 8.5 miles of light rail will connect north Seattle, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood with the entire region.

Project milestones

From 2010 to 2015, Sound Transit began planning and conducting an environmental review for the Lynnwood Link Extension Project. Following the environmental review, the project moved into the final design phase in early 2016. Currently, the project is finalizing design and doing permitting and construction preparation work. Construction is anticipated to last from 2019 until 2023, with service beginning in 2024.

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Project design refinements maximize savings

Last year, cost estimates to complete construction of the Lynnwood Link Extension were higher than planned. The project team worked with its partner agencies to find many potential design refinements that will help reduce costs while maintaining the project scale and scope: 8.5 new miles of Link light rail and four new stations. Learn about the specific refinements for each segment in the following stations.

Lynnwood Link project map

System map showing that the Lynnwood Link extends from Northgate Transit Center to Lynnwood Transit Center, with stations at NE 145th Street, NE 185th Street, Mountlake Terrace Transit Center, and Lynnwood Transit Center.

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How long will my trip from Lynnwood take?

One train will leave the Lynnwood Transit Center every 4 minutes during peak weekday commutes. Commuters from the Lynnwood Transit Center will enjoy 20-minute Link light rail rides to the University of Washington, 28-minute rides to downtown Seattle, 33-minute rides to the stadiums, and 60-minute rides to Sea-Tac Airport. Trains from Lynnwood will also serve the eastside and reach downtown Bellevue in 50 minutes and the Overlake Transit Center in 60 minutes. Each link car can hold four bicycles, four wheelchairs, 200 riders, and multiple suitcases.