Shoreline and Seattle

Lynnwood Link will bring two new stations to Shoreline. Read below to see the current design for these stations and learn about bike and pedestrian changes and work happening at Ronald Bog.


Current station design

Shoreline South/145th

Shoreline South/145th Station Art

Artist: Buster Simpson
Title: Helical Downspouts & Cairns (additional project in development)
Themes: Wetlands, bogs, storm water reuse, sustainability
Intent: Celebrating sustainable development and the history of the neighborhood’s wetlands

Shoreline North/185th

Shoreline North/185th Station Art

Artist: Mary Lucking
Title: Untitled metal ornament (title TBD)
Themes: Plant forms, neighborhood stories, hand-made objects
Intent: Celebrating the urban forest

What’s been updated?

Cost-saving update

There is a new location for the Shoreline North/185th Station parking garage. The garage will now be on the east side of I-5 at the corner of Northeast 185th Street and 8th Avenue Northeast. Working with leaders from Shoreline, King County Metro and Community Transit, Sound Transit identified this to be a viable option that will reduce overall costs while providing car and bus riders a seamless transition to and from the station.

Want to take a closer look? Check out the project roll plots!

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Discover what’s in store for Shoreline and Seattle

A new light rail line means more than building trains and rails. It also means restoring or creating new pedestrian and bicycle connections, as well as other improvements throughout the corridor. Below are a sample of these improvements in this area.  

New bike access to First Avenue Northeast in Seattle

Crews will remove bicycle access to First Avenue Northeast from Northeast 115th Street in order to build the new guideway. After construction of the guideway is complete, the building of a new trail will restore access.

New bike access to First Avenue Northeast in Seattle

Pedestrian and bicycle access to new Shoreline South/145th Station in Shoreline

People who walk or bike to the new Shoreline South/145th Station from the north will have a new option to access the station. Sound Transit will build a new trail that will connect Northeast 152nd Street to the north side of the station, running in part underneath the new guideway.

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Ronald Bog improvements

The city of Shoreline and Sound Transit propose using an area of Ronald Bog Park be used for a wetland mitigation site to replace wetlands affected by light rail construction. Under the plan, trail enhancements would balance the use of other portions of the park for wetland mitigation.

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McAleer Creek buffered work area

The elevated light rail guideway will cross the SR-104 interchange loop 50-60 feet above the grade of I-5. To support the structure, crews will construct four columns along the west side of the interchange loop, spaced approximately 120 feet apart. The columns and guideway in this location are within Washington State Department of Transportation right-of-way.

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